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- Accepted

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- Invited article

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– Invited article

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– Invited article

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Front Cover of Soft Matter, 2021, 17

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Front Cover of ACS Applied Bio Materials 2019 2 (10)

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The article can be freely accessed via link below:
Full Text:
- Cover of Science Translational Medicine 2019, 11 (503)
- Press released

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Inside back Cover of Soft Matter 2019 15(29)

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- Press released

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- Selected as one of the “TOP 5% Most Read Articles”
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- Featured in Chemistry World 2018-10-11
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- Selected as “ACS Editors’ Choice Article”
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- Awarded as one of the Best Research Achievements of 2009
- Press released
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- Awarded as one of the Best Research Achievements of 2006
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